Bruce Lee

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Bruce LeeLi Xiaolong is a Kung Fu philosopher, influential Chinese Kung Fu movie actor, pioneer of Kung Fu reform, father of MMA, the founder of Jiequandao Kung Fu. Li Xiaolong made great contribution to the Chinese film industry.

His three movies break the record. "Way of the Dragon" is the most famous all over the world breaking tickets records in Asia. Even Mao Zedong also liked watching Bruce Lee’s movies. He was Ladens favorite movie star. Bruce Lee is the first man to spread Chinese Kung Fu to the world, promoting the development of Chinese Kung Fu and Kung Fu movie. He has the most film fans, about more than two hundred million fans all over the world. He also wrote the word “Kung Fu” in English dictionary. He was known as the king of kung fu in the United States and saint of kung fu in Japan.

Bruce Lees life is short, but he had created and broke the world record of China Association in the world. As a bright comet across the international sky, he made a great contribution to fighting martial art and performing arts. He is still famous for Kung Fu overseas, is a symbol of Chinese Kung Fu in the eyes of many foreigners.