Major Routines of Shaolin Kung Fu

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Shaolin Kung FuShaolin Kung Fu is rich in content, many routines. By nature Shaolin Kung Fu can be divided into internal strength, external work, hard power, dodge, qigong. It can be divided into boxing techniques, cudgel, spear, broadsword, sword, and other methods by method. Common major routines are as follows.

Shaolin boxing is a basic Kung Fu practiced anywhere displaying the “Hard” style. There are south and north, two factions. South faction emphasizes boxing and north faction emphasizes legs. Cudgel is also basic Shaolin Kung Fu. Practicing cudgel not only strengthen your body but also defeat the enemy. Spear as an ancient weapons, has many techniques. Sword is one of the ancient sword weapons demonstrating powerful spirit. Fencing with long history is vigorous and beautiful. Qigong is a large class of Shaolin Kung Fu. Apparatus training routines can use knife, gun, stick and others. Free combat has many movements playing an important role in Shaolin Kung Fu. Hard and soft Kung Fu contain bone discharge method, capture method, acupuncture secret law, bunt techniques and other methods.